Fresh Shrooms

Psilocybe psilocin & psilocybin cubensis mushroom strains

100% pure Mycelium grow kits to grow your own


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Fresh Shrooms has been selling Psilocybe cubensis grow kits for more than 25 years. During this period, we have selected the best shroom on the market and have expanded to no less than 11 different pure mycelium growkits. The Psilocybe cubensis i a psychedelic mushroom.

The active substances psilocin and psilocybin in this mushroom creates psychelic effects. The cubensis strain is also known as Mexican. The fresh Shrooms kits are extremely high potency and are so far developed that the substrate consists of 100% mycelium. Freshmushrooms contain an average of twice as much active substance psilocin as other brands of shrooms that are available on the market.

We offer a 1200ml mushroom growkits easy to grow, see our growguide. We ship xp grow kits world wide in plain boxes. For information about payments like bitcoin, shipping and ordering visit our helpdesk or use the contact button on the webshop pages.

The substance psilocybin, found in dozens of prohibited mushrooms with hallucinogenic effects, may help to treat depression. Some drugs with psilocybin are prohibited in the USA, UK and in the Netherlands and can lead to dangerous situations. A number of leading psychiatrists in the USA are now calling for a relaxation of existing rules that would result in legal medical treatment from the studies.
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